UV-C Tower

Quickly disinfects objects and rooms through ultraviolet light

We have designed an system completely ecological, which thanks to UV-C lights sterilization guarantees a quick decontamination of surfaces and rooms.

The powerful germicidal lamps, allow a really high microbiological abatement. The UV-C tower is complete with sophisticated safety systems, including a presence detection sensor during the sterilization cycle with immediate interruption of the operation of the lamps and the acoustic and visual sensor.

  • Quick disinfection thanks to 4 powerful UV-C germicidal lamps
  • Siren with visual and acoustic alarm
  • Analog timer with three programs
  • Electronic system controlled by Siemens PLC
  • Presence detection sensor
  • CE certified and tested products • 100% Made in Italy

    • The UV-C Tower is a truly efficient tool: without using any chemical product and without the need of any operators to perform the sanitization, offices and rooms can be disinfected in complete autonomy.



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