Disinfection of objects and documents through UV-C light

Thanks to our research team and with the support of scientific laboratories , we have created an ecological product to disinfect objects, papers and documents, without using chemical agents or alcohol.


This product uses the effective power of UV-C rays used for decades in the medical field.


Sanibox, available in different materials and sizes, is the valid tool to be used in any situations where the need to disinfect objects and documents arises.

  • Fast disinfection thanks to the powerful germicidal lamps
  • Smart Start
  • Interruption of cycle in case of accidental box opening
  • Luminous indicators of start-end treatment
  • CE certified and tested products • 100% Made in Italy

    • Disinfecting objects it has never been so easy! Sanibox allows us to use again our masks and gloves, disinfecting them as many times we want. It is perfect also for documents, watches and any office object. 





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