Nebulizer tunnel for people

Quick and effective nebulizzer tunnel for people

The automatic disinfection system of our tunnel uses a nebulization technology of the disinfectant product, ensuring an excellent efficiency and effectiveness.

In a few seconds, It is possible to sanitize carts, and wheeled pallets.

It acts as a prevention tool and can be installed at the entrance of public places, and in all places with high attendance: supermarkets, shopping facilities.

  • Size and graphic customable
  • Automatic start with presence detection sensor
  • Preset timer for treatment duration
  • Thin and dry nebulization
  • CE certified and tested products • 100% Made in Italy

    • The nebulizer tunnel is the ideal system for eliminating the spread of viruses and bacteria on goods. The tunnel works in complete autonomy, thanks to the photocell that detecting the presence of goods and humans, makes the sanitization cycle start.



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