The Unique and Complete Solution
for the sanitation of
documents, people e
of the environment in your
Medical and Dental Office.

HiSafe has created a sanitation system suited to the needs of your medical or dental practice.

Medical and dental offices are highly frequented places, but compared to other professional and commercial activities they differ in the delicacy of the operations that take place there. From the simplest control to the most complex interventions, it is undoubtedly of fundamental importance that they are "safe" places, especially now that the emergency linked to Covid-19 has deeply affected the management of daily, personal and professional activities. For this reason Righetti Solutions, the R&D division of Righetti Vacuum Lifters, has focused on HiSafe, the dedicated disinfection line.

The HISAFE Advantages: Safe, Fast and Ecological.

  • It contributes to compliance with the rules on the protection of health and safety in the workplace
  • Protects the health of customers and medical staff
  • Protects from the risk of contagion
  • Improve the microbiological safety of your practice
  • Increase the comfort of your patients
  • Sanitizes all environments without chemicals


The power of UVC technology for rapid disinfection of objects and documents

We have created a completely ecological system which, thanks to the sterilization method with ultraviolet UV-C rays, guarantees rapid decontamination of surfaces and environments. The powerful and professional UV-C germicidal lamps in fact allow a very high microbiological reduction, effective and non-chemical.


Avvio automatico
Automatic start
Powerful and fast disinfection
Automatic safety cut-out
Light indicators of execution and end of treatment
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The smart nebulizer column for instant disinfection

The nebulizing column is an excellent solution for the disinfection and sanitation of people, clothes and objects.
Compact and free to install, thanks to its small size, it can be positioned in any place where greater attention is required to prevent the spread of germs, viruses and bacteria.

Automatic start with presence detection sensor
Treatment duration preset timer
Particularly fine and dry nebulization
Possibility of customization with company graphics
Battery or DC power supply
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The power of UVC technology for rapid disinfection of surfaces and environments

Thanks to our team of researchers and with the support of laboratory technicians, we were able to create a product to disinfect objects, papers and documents, in an ecological way, without the use of chemical agents, alcohol or liquid vapors.
The product, entirely designed and built in Italy with certified materials, uses the effective power of UV-C rays used for decades in the medical field.

Fast disinfection in seconds, thanks to the powerful germicidal lamps
Automatic start
Automatic safety cut-out in case of accidental opening during the operation of the lamps
Light indicators of execution and end of treatment
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Personalize your HISAFE

We think about the technical and disinfection capabilities of our solutions, but we also don't forget the aesthetic qualities.
This is why HiSafe solutions are completely customizable on a graphic level, in order to make your products totally recognizable.
Whether it is the company brand or a message dedicated to sanitation and prevention, HiSafe lends itself as an additional communication tool to your user.

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HiSafe was born as a business division of Righetti S.r.l.,
a specialized Veronese company
in the design, production and sale of industrial
automation systems within the lifting sector.

Always endowed with great design and construction versatility, it can rely on a well-established company structure that allows it to continuously increase its range of products for the specific needs of the market.
The strong inventiveness of the owners and the consolidated know-how of the staff, combined with many years of experience on the national and international market, have led us to expand our range of products.
Our HiSafe products are born from the collaboration with experienced professionals in the fields of spraying and decontamination of environments.



Innovative and a forefront technology.

Certified Experience

Certified Experience

Depth knowledge within vacuum lifting systems.



Rigorous trial and testing for maximum safety and efficiency

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RIGHETTI SRL divisione HiSafe
Via Ippolito Nievo, 237012 Bussolengo (VR)
Tel: +39 045 7157621

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