The best ways to sanitize a gym

18-09-2020 Places of Use
The best ways to sanitize a gym

The Coronavirus has sparked numerous debates on cleaning, the use of hand sanitizers and a whole series of issues related to the spread of harmful germs. Keeping our customers safe continues to be a priority.

As the owner or manager of a gym, it is important to implement the best possible practices both to slow the spread of Covid-19, but also to prevent the onset of other infections, such as the common cold or the flu.

A well-managed gym knows how to keep its customers satisfied and safe, having specific policies.

Some tips for a clean and sanitized gym:

  1. Train employees, holding a mandatory staff training session to ensure that everyone is aware of the best practices for effectively cleaning and sanitizing the entire gym.
  2. Create a specific cleaning schedule, from regular cleaning of fitness equipment, gym floor, locker rooms, bathrooms and all surfaces.
  3. Keep a cleaning-log that contains all necessary information such as times and activities programmed, so that you always have an overview of the cleaning activities carried out and scheduled.
  4. Use the right products, not only related to the disinfected substances but consider the possibility of investing in equipment that will allow you a complete and safe sanitization of environments and objects on a whole new level, such as HiSafe products.

HiSafe products for your gym:

  1. UV-C Tower and Sanibox

Perfect for indoor environments of gyms, such as the reception, training rooms, tool rooms and changing rooms, both devices use the powerful germicidal action of UVC rays, ensuring safe and effective sanitation.

Once we have left the room in which it has been placed, the disinfection cycle of the UVC tower is activated, which will allow complete sanitization of all the surfaces of the room, as well as of the objects. Thanks to the detection sensor, it will turn off automatically every time when perhaps a person enters the room.

The Sanibox, on the other hand, is perfect for sanitizing small objects and documents, such as customer folders, documents or flyers, precisely because it can also disinfect paper.

  1. SafeIn

Thanks to its compact size and free installation, SafeIn can be easily placed at the entrance of the gym. SafeIn is a column which, excluding the face, that thanks to the nebulization technology through the use of sanitizing and virucidal products, ensures rapid disinfection of people, clothes but also objects.

There are two models designed: one manually operated and a second model equipped with a photocell that automatically detects the presence of people, starting the sanitation process.

Cleaning your gym in a regulated and accurate manner requires investment in products capable of killing most germs, including bacteria, viruses and, of course slowing down the possibility of the spread of Coronavirus. Deep cleaning, rules for customers and employees, stricter policies and the right sanitizing products will help not only to leave gyms open, but also to leave your customers satisfied and who knows, maybe even acquire new ones.

Contact us to learn more about HiSafe products, we are at your complete disposal.

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