Schools: are we doing enough?

19-10-2020 Places of Use
Schools: are we doing enough?

It seems that the government has spent about 3 billion euros on "anti Covid measures" such as wheeled benches and masks. Is the investment  well spent on school?

Single desks and masks are certainly not enough to protect students, teachers and all the staff involved in the functioning of the school system every day.

Let's have a look at the situation :

  • classrooms, laboratories and changing rooms continue to be places at risk of contagion even when wearing a mask, because they should be sanitized;
  • picking up objects, papers or checks touched by other people is not perfectly hygienic;
  • before entering the school, many students who use public transport sit on unsensitized seats;

Has the government not reacted to these problems because there is a lack of concrete solutions? Again the answer is no. The equipment that could in fact facilitate the fight against the spread of the virus is there, but it is not used.

The infections continue to gradually increase and throughout Italy there are cases of classes in isolation or even closed schools.

So what are the tools that could make schools safer by protecting students and teachers?


 1) UVC tower: the germicidal action of UVC rays

The UVC column guarantees complete sanitation of the rooms, acting both on the surfaces and on the objects that are present there. It therefore represents an ideal solution for all those rooms that are used by numerous classes throughout the day.

Just think of all those spaces such as classrooms, laboratories or changing rooms. Thanks to the UVC technology, the turret would allow night-time sanitation of these environments and also a rapid sanitation cycle during recreations without the need for any operator.

This is made possible by the fact that once leaving the room to be sanitized, the UVC column is activated automatically and begins its disinfection work. Moreover, thanks to the presence detector, the column switches off automatically if someone enters the room.

The low environmental impact should also be considered: thanks to the use of UVC technology which is germicidal, it is not necessary to resort to chemical agents, thus ensuring a product that is safe for people, the environment and also ecological.


 2) Sanibox: disinfection of small objects and paper

As for the UVC tower, Sanibox also exploits the powerful germicidal action of UVC rays, in this case to sanitize small objects, paper and documents, used on a daily basis in schools.

Many teachers or ATA staff are in fact afraid of withdrawing objects or papers with assignments or tests touched by students and the reason is understandable, on paper, in fact, viral particles can survive up to 30 minutes.

The box turns on as soon as it is closed and sanitizes the objects in it with a quick and effective cycle, thus representing a quick and easy-to-use sanitary solution.


 3) Safe-In: nebulizing column for instant disinfection

With SafeIn it is possible to ensure that people enter school without  taking viruses and bacteria with them. Wearing a mask is essential to prevent it from spreading, however kids who go to school by bus come into contact with other kids and sit on unsensitized seats. Bacteria and viral particles can also settle on clothes and placing Safe-In at the school entrance would also allow the sanitization of clothes.

The products used for nebulization also boast medical and surgical protection and are therefore not only safe for tissues, but also for the skin.

 As you have read, there are so many anti-Covid measures that exist, but unfortunately they remain unused at the moment. Our products were born precisely with the aim of making public environments and all those places where the frequency of people, but also goods or objects is high. Aiming for solutions like HiSafe's means investing and looking at people's safety in the long term.

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