SaniBox protects even the smallest actions against the risk of contagion

27-01-2021 Places of Use
SaniBox protects even the smallest actions against the risk of contagion

Sanitation has now become a fixed step in our daily life. A necessary measure to try to protect ourselves from the pandemic spread linked to Covid-19. Often, however, these are actions that we repeat, throughout the day, and make our customers repeat, almost automatically, and this automation lowers the attention threshold towards a danger that remains of crucial importance.

Righetti, a solid entrepreneurial reality that designs advanced solutions for industrial handling, on the occasion of the emergency linked to Covid, has chosen to decline its versatility to design technological solutions that allow you to operate in safety, safeguarding the health of people and their habitat and the environment.

HiSafe was born, a professional, scalable system, which provides a complete range of products that perfectly meets the needs of medical and dental practices.
HiSafe supports every single aspect of professional activity and allows you to never lower the attention threshold, for a truly professional sanitization.

SANIBOX is a small and precious example of this foresight. It is a simple and compact box, suitably equipped inside with UV-C ultraviolet ray lamps that guarantee the decontamination and sanitization of each object.

Every exchange, including sheets, documents, receipts, invoices, credit cards, coins and banknotes, small objects, requires constant sanitation. A simple and understandable inattention, over an entire working day, can dangerously compromise all previous attention, nullifying the time and costs invested in more complex sanitation procedures.

A smart device such as SANIBOX can give doctors and patients the guarantee of always operating safely even for simple transactions, in a totally eco-friendly way.

Any object and document, plasticized, paper, metal or other material, can be deposited in the box, and removed after a few seconds, ensuring full safety for the people who will use it.

SANIBOX is activated once the drawer is closed, in total safety and immediately completes its sterilization cycle in a completely ecological way. It ensures a reduction in the time and costs of sanitation and guarantees significantly higher safety standards, since sanitation after the exchange of documents or objects is often left to free will, thus compromising any previous commitment to guarantee safety.

SANIBOX will accompany your transactions, becoming a plus not only in these moments of health emergency but also in the long-term future, since hands are among the main vehicles for the exchange of viruses and bacteria.

SANIBOX contributes to the reduction of the use of disposable products such as gloves, nor do you have to sanitize your hands and objects themselves, with the use of normal chemical products, which are harmful to both the environment and people.

Available in different materials, finishes and sizes, the adoption of SANIBOX will allow you to take advantage of tax credit recovery, as a sanitizing device.






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