Safety and hygiene in stations

26-10-2020 Places of Use
Safety and hygiene in stations

We have all taken a public transport at least once in our life, but using it in the Covid-19 era is a new experience even for the most experienced commuters.

During the pandemic, the use of public transport plummeted to -80%, but with the return to work and school, many people returned to occupy trains, buses, metro and trams. Therefore, the discussion on overcrowding the stations has also re-emerged with consequent failure to respect social distancing.

Furthermore, the situation in this period is very uncertain. On the other hand, the large increase in infected people means that the Government and Regions can issue even more important restrictions in the next few days, but still, not all companies have the opportunity to put their employees into smart working.

As a result, there are still plenty of people who find themselves having to travel to work using public transport, especially now that the situation is once again worrying.

So what can be done to reduce the risk of contagion from Covid19?

  • Put on the mask
  • Respect social distancing
  • Buy tickets in advance and, if possible, online
  • Avoid commuter rush hours
  • opt for short routes without changes

Once the basic precautions are removed, what can be done further to reduce the risk of infection?

As we have said in the articles dedicated to schools and gyms, there are solutions available on the market which, however, are not exploited.


SafeIn: the smart solution

Thanks to its compact size and free installation, SafeIn can be easily placed at the station entrance. It is a column that, excluding the face, exploits nebulization technology through the use of sanitizing and virucidal products, ensuring rapid disinfection of people, clothes but also objects.

It comes in two models, one manually operated or a second model equipped with a photocell with automatic detection of people. Both models have a timed button for starting (or interrupting) the treatment.

SafeIn is a real smart device that offers an extremely fast sanitization cycle as it lasts only 10 seconds and thanks to its small size (400x30x1200mm) it is particularly suitable for entrances to highly frequented places. It is a product that is simple to use, but extremely effective for neutralizing any possible form of bacterial and viral contagion and safe, as the sanitizers used have a medical surgical certificate.

SafeIn therefore presents itself as a valid solution to sanitize clothing at the entrance but also at the exit of stations, ensuring the safety of passengers.

 Are you interested in our sanitation products for professional use? Contact us, we will be glad to develop the best solution for your needs.

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