SafeLight by HiSafe: eco-friendly sanitization for the safety of your patients and collaborators

27-01-2021 Places of Use
SafeLight by HiSafe: eco-friendly sanitization for the safety of your patients and collaborators

The emergency linked to Covid-19 has had a profound impact on the management of daily, personal and professional activities. This trend will also remain in the future, regardless of the arrival of the vaccine, the sensitivity towards the implications deriving from the healthiness of the surrounding environment is now part of our daily life.

Medical and dental offices are highly frequented places, but compared to other professional and commercial activities they differ in the delicacy of the operations that take place there. From the simplest control to the most complex interventions, it is undoubtedly of fundamental importance that they are “safe” places.

Righetti has invested know-how and capital in research to design professional solutions that give a certain answer to professionals and users, guaranteeing the sanitization of environments, surfaces, objects and people. Rooted in its industrial fabric, Righetti, strengthened by its skills and dedication, immediately committed itself to the front line to provide a contribution to containing the contagion: from that moment on it has continued to research and develop solutions and products that help professionals to safeguard your own spaces and objects of work. Of "vital" importance especially when applied to highly frequented public places.


The doctor / dentist - patient relationship is one of the greatest examples of a relationship of trust, in this case the clients entrust their health to the professional, the most precious thing for them. Making your clinic safe and perfectly sanitized, in addition to being a necessity in the current health emergency, also becomes a sign of sensitivity and respect towards patients. In addition to the quota policies provided, the HiSafe system guarantees the perfect healthiness of your space and will instill safety and trust in your patients.

HiSafe is a professional system that is developed through a complete range of products, including SAFE-LIGHT, a powerful germicidal lamp. Absolutely non-invasive, it is a column equipped with 4 UV-C ultraviolet light lamps, which through the action of properly calibrated rays, is able to break the molecular bonds of DNA and RNA of bacteria and viruses. The room and all surfaces can be decontaminated continuously, throughout the day.

SAFE-LIGHT rests on a base equipped with wheels that allows it to be easily moved around the various rooms, reception, waiting room, clinics, service areas, to treat all surfaces. Connected to a power outlet and operated through the appropriate power button, SAFE-LIGHT thanks to its monitoring system, waits for the operator to leave the room before starting and completing its sterilization cycle, in a few moments.

A sophisticated safety system monitors the space, through special sensors that detect every movement and in the event of unexpected obstacles, interrupt the process. The various stages of the process are supported by visual and acoustic signals.

SAFE-LIGHT is a completely ecological system that guarantees microbiological abatement in an absolutely effective and non-chemical way. It has the advantage of:

  • ensure fast pest control, making the dental practice safe during all opening hours
  • reduce intervention times, between one visit and another, between one patient and the next, by cleaning and sanitizing the clinic again.
  • significantly limit the use of cleaning products, chemical disinfectants and disposable products that are expensive and impacting the environment.

Not only will the environment be perfectly safe but also patients and their carers will be reassured thanks to the guarantee of access to a space, constantly monitored, under the aspect of sanitation.

The adoption of SAFE-LIGHT will allow you to take advantage of tax credit recovery, as a sanitizing device




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