SafeIn: medical and dental offices have the weapon to counter Covid-19

27-01-2021 Places of Use
SafeIn: medical and dental offices have the weapon to counter Covid-19

The data collected in recent months have highlighted the central role played by medical and specialist studies as filters, widespread throughout the territory, active in countering the spread of the Covid-19 contagion.

On the other hand, medical clinics and specialist offices that are not equipped to manage the risk of contamination represent an additional vector for the spread of viral infection.

In this scenario, there is a pressing need to make patients and users of medical and specialist offices perceive the high degree of safety guaranteed by these structures and environments by virtue of compliance with the rules of conduct and thanks to the installation of specifically dedicated equipment. that come in support of the professional.

SAFE-IN by HiSafe, the nebulizing column for the instant disinfection of people, clothes and objects is the perfect solution to respond to these critical issues. The same trade bodies, in the disclosure of the numerous behavioral protocols, strongly recommend the use of protective and sanitizing devices.

The SAFE-IN column is an equipment for the nebulization of sanitizing, bactericidal, virucidal and disinfectant products capable of generating rapid disinfection of people, clothes or objects. The SAFE-IN smart device delivers a nebulization of prepared liquid allowing the sanitization of clothes and people: the numerous 15 micron nozzles direct the nebulization in order to avoid contact with the face.

Compact and free to install, thanks to its small size, it can be positioned in any environment where greater attention is required to prevent the spread of germs, viruses and bacteria. Available in battery or 220V version: the tank and the wheels simplify movement, making the column easily positioned in the desired area. On both models there is the possibility of activation with a photocell that automates nebulization.

SAFE-IN is a HiSafe product, a Righetti brand: "We are a mechanical construction company; we know how to build things that work, that have a function. The function changes, but the know-how, the production culture is the same "From this mindset comes SAFE-IN, the ideal solution for the disinfection of people, clothes and objects for medical and dental offices that can thus reduce the use of standard and disposable cleaning products and disinfectants that are polluting and expensive.

The adoption of SAFE-IN will allow you to take advantage of tax credit recovery, as a sanitizing device.


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