SafeIn: a smart sanitation

29-09-2020 Places of Use
SafeIn: a smart sanitation

Among the range of products designed to fight and contain the spread of Covid-19 in the workplace and public places, we find SafeIn. It is a truly smart nebulizing column, because it has been specifically designed to guarantee instant disinfection, while simultaneously excluding the face.

It is a 400x350x1200mm column equipped with 3 steel nozzles through which a particularly fine and dry mist is sprayed, obtained from the bactericidal, virucidal and disinfectant products certified as medical-surgical devices and therefore not harmful to people or clothes


What is it for ?

The HiSafe mist column guarantees protection and a safe entrance for everyone, especially for those who work closely with a constant flow of people or groups and are therefore at greater risk. It can be installed at the entrance of public offices, pharmacies, schools, gyms, supermarkets, airports, ports, stations and is also suitable for all private companies that need to ensure the sanitation of staff, as well as goods, vehicles and materials.

Models available

Two different model are available:

  1. The manually operated model, where the disinfection process is activated only when the activation (red) button is pressed.
  2. The model with photocell , where the disinfection process starts and stops automatically when the sensor detects the presence of a person.


What are the benefits?

  1. Compact size and free installation
  2. Fast sanitizing cycle that excludes the face
  3. It contributes to raising awareness of hygienic safety in public places and at work
  4. Customable designs

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