Nebulizer Tunnel

12-10-2020 Places of Use
Nebulizer Tunnel

Among the range of products we designed for professional sanitation, we are proud to have this nebulizer tunnel for people, goods and trolleys. Designed for hospitals, shopping centers, amusement parks, company entrances, supermarkets, it is an innovative solution for the neutralization of viruses and bacteria on people and equipment.

It is a rigid cabin measuring 3 meters long by 1.5 meters wide, equipped with a high-pressure pump connected to micro-nozzles that create a harmless mist that people walk through.

What it is made of

In the production of our misting tunnels we use only the highest quality materials, synonymous with integrity and longevity. All materials are of EU origin and supported by certificates of origin. We provide our customers with reliable products that can last for years and years performing always like the first day.  

Our nebulization systems reach up to 70 bar of pressure, thus discharging droplets so small that they appear to be a mist. This ensures that everyone who passes through our tunnels stays dry, while also increasing the effectiveness and safety of our products.

What are the benefits?

  1. Convenient to carry and simple to install;
  2. People walk through the tunnel dressed and equipped without getting wet.
  3. Contributes to raising awareness of hygienic safety in public places.
  4. Competitive price depending on quantities and options.

Models available

Our models are available for the disinfection of shopping carts, goods, equipment and people. It is possible to request customizations related to dimensions and graphics, for example the printing of the company logo.

 Are you interested in purchasing a Nebulizer Tunnel to ensure greater safety for your business and especially your staff? Contact us, we will be happy to provide you with all the information you need.

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