Innovation and anti Covid-19 research Made in Italy

29-10-2020 Places of Use
Innovation and anti Covid-19 research Made in Italy

Difficult situations always bring with them the challenge of how to best overcome them. So it was, also for the entrepreneur Gilberto Righetti from Verona who, due to the lockdown caused by the Covid-19 emergency, was forced to temporarily close his Righetti Sollevamenti company and, given the uncertainty of the situation, to seriously deal with possible future scenarios.

The insecurities and disorientation common among many, however, were not enough to stop the owner who decided to take the situation in hand by thinking of solutions that could be useful for himself, for other companies and also for the public administration, employees and even customers.

The belief in research and technological innovation - an essential feature of Righetti Sollevamenti - did the rest. Working with a team of technicians and specialists, two innovative and safe technologies for people and objects were born, capable of countering the spread of Covid-19.

The first is the Safe-In nebulizing column for the body (excluding the face), capable of guaranteeing rapid disinfection of people, clothes and even objects.

The second technology is Sanibox, a case that exploits the germicidal action of powerful UVC rays without the need for chemical agents.

Inventiveness and technological innovation have not gone unnoticed even at Panorama, dedicating an entire article to HiSafe that you can read by clicking on the following title: "Italian technology and research behind two unique anti Covid-19 products".

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