How to sanitize the office

01-10-2020 Places of Use
How to sanitize the office

Everyone is afraid of the flu season and this year the concern is even higher due to the Covid-19 emergency, especially for those who work in offices. Cleaning and sanitizing thus become the first lines of defense to ensure  proper safety of employees in the workplace.

Cleaning vs. disinfection

Cleaning is part of our daily health and wellness routine. Washing the surfaces using ad hoc detergents removes dust and dirt, making them safe.

Disinfection kills germs and bacteria through a chemical process. Disinfection is especially necessary when there is a risk that someone working or visiting the office could carry a contagious disease.

How to sanitize the office:

  1. Get the right cleaning tools: There are a number of products that should always be available for office cleaning, such as gloves, paper rolls or microfiber cloths, detergents, disinfectant wipes, sprays or solutions with bleach and trash bags.
  1. Create an office health and safety plan: based mainly on the areas most at risk of transmitting bacteria and viruses which are the front desk and reception areas, kitchens and relaxation rooms, bathrooms, conference and meeting rooms, as well as closets business. Surfaces particularly subject to contact are tables and desks, worktops, backrests and handles, switches and telephones.
  2. Develop a plan for cleaning the office: a daily practice of cleaning the areas most subject to contact and the sanitization of particular surfaces contribute to a healthy environment through the year.
  3. Implement social distancing practices: Whether it's increasing the distance between desks or reducing the number of people allowed in the office, these practices are probably becoming part of the new normality.
  4. Establish a contact tracing plan: knowing who has been in the office and what social interactions they have had helps reduce the risk of Covid-19 infection. Having a well-defined contact tracing makes your presence in the office safer, thanks to the greater transparency offered.


HiSafe's contribution

HiSafe was born with the intention of ensuring that public and work places are made safer thanks to the use of real smart devices, designed for professional sanitizing . Among these, for the office, we particularly recommend devices that use the power of UVC rays, which, unlike normal UV rays, also have a germicidal action. In particular we recommend:

  1. The UVC Tower to sanitize entire rooms, including the objects in them. The turret turns on as soon as you leave the room and turns off automatically thanks to the sensor that detects the presence of people, thus ensuring disinfection carried out in complete safety.
  2. Sanibox to  sanitize small objects, paper and documents, used on a daily basis in environments such as offices. The box lights up as soon as it is closed and sanitizes the objects in it with a quick and effective cycle

Contact us for more information on our products and to receive customized solutions based on your needs.

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