Sanibox: safe disinfection of objects and documents

22-09-2020 Places of Use
Sanibox: safe disinfection of objects and documents

Like it or not we are in the COVID-19 era and it is more important than ever to be able to safely disinfect the devices or items we use in our daily lives.

The use of disposable antibacterial wipes is often harmful to the environment and can become quite expensive in the long term and, likewise, it is unrealistic to always think about using only soap and water to disinfect your items.

Sanibox is an innovative solution to these drawbacks. Although they existed before the Coronavirus, their popularity has increased a lot recently because they represent a quick and easy-to-use sanitation solution.

These boxes are an easy-to-control, semi-portable disinfection station that can be used to thoroughly clean and disinfect any number of small objects, toys or everyday items.


What is Sanibox ?

A UVC box is a container that projects UVC radiation to kill bacteria and make an item safe to use. UVC stands for ultraviolet C, a type of UV radiation that is particularly effective in killing many types of harmful microorganisms as a germicide. This type of radiation can destroy nucleic acids and disrupt the DNA of bacteria and harmful cells, making them unable to perform their main functions.

An effective and ecological measure to counter the spread of viruses and bacteria on objects and devices, because it is not necessary to use chemical agent thanks to the power of ultraviolet rays.

Ideal for public places such as state offices, secretariats and administrations offices where, despite the disinfection of hands, we always get in contact with documents touched by others. It suits also for places frequented by a large flow of people such as hairdressers, centers aesthetic and why not, even for small objects in your home.


Opting for a Sanibox means investing in the long term, as it is an excellent choice to protect yourself, your colleagues and customers from harmful bacteria and viruses that unfortunately today can spread very easily.

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